75 Expository Writing Prompts

As the name implies, expository essay prompts are statements and questions that spur you to write an expository essay. From expository writing prompts, you can get expository paragraph topics. This way, you are not at a loss for what topics to write an expository essay on.

Expository Writing Prompts on Government

  1. Corruption is gradually becoming a trend in politics; explain why this is so
  2. Elections are always conducted in a democratic state to elect leaders unanimously: write an essay on how elections should be free and fair
  3. Totalitarianism never gives room for the opinion of people in the state: explain Adolf Hitler’s Nazism
  4. The elderly ones seem to dominate top political positions, lo leaving out the youths: discuss how youths can lo participate more in politics
  5. Many public corporations cannot be provided by individuals and citizens of a state: what is the responsibility of government in providing social amenities
  6. Protests and rallies have been one of the strong voices of the people in communicating with the government: what are the means citizens use in expressing grievances
  7. The love for one’s country is important for national growth: explain the concept of nationalism
  8. The role of politics in racism: what measures should the government take to eradicate racism
  9. Revenue generation depends on citizens: discuss the role of a tax-paying citizen in developing the state
  10. A leader who doesn’t respect his people may be impeached: explain the impeachment procedure in the USA
  11. Election campaigns have been used as a medium for the exchange of offensive words: explain the difference between campaigns and slander
  12. National holidays: explain a national holiday in your state
  13. The security of citizens is part of their fundamental human rights: explain the rights of citizens

Expository Essay Prompts on Lifestyle

  1. Accepting gay people: what are the rules protecting the gay community from abuse?
  2. Tourism: why people travel often
  3. Everyone has something that they cherish: why do people collect items?
  4. Art is appreciated in more than one way: describe tattoos as art
  5. Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder; what is the rationale behind extreme body mortification
  6. Smokers are liable to die young: why do people smoke?
  7. Exposing body parts: how do nudists see the human anatomy?
  8. Pets can be a handful when it comes to caring for them: what are the benefits of owning pets
  9. Saving money has proven to be of help; what are the benefits of saving?
  10. Nature has a way of soothing the soul; describe the benefits of gardening
  11. Beauty procedures: what are the most expensive cosmetic surgeries
  12. Transgender people face discrimination: how can people avoid discriminating against transgender people
  13. Porn addiction is frowned upon in society; what are the negative effects of porn addiction?
  14. Documenting events is a fun way to remember things; what other benefits come with owning a diary?
  15. Many people fear marriage because of heartbreak: how can people deal with heartbreaks?
  16. Introverts enjoy their own company: what are the characteristics of introverted people
  17. Extroverts are quick to make more friends: how can people recognize extroverted people
  18. Clubbing: what happens in clubs?
  19. Music is as old as man himself: in what ways has music changed over time?
  20. Many girls would rather date playboys: what are the characteristics of playboys?
  21. Dancing expresses feelings: in what ways have dancing evolved over time

Expository Prompts on Health

  1. Since vegetarians don’t eat meat: explain the benefit of eating vegetables
  2. Obesity endangers the heart: how can people effectively lose weight?
  3. Exercising is a culture for many people: what are the benefits of exercising
  4. Cold soda is refreshing: what are the side effects of taking too much soda?
  5. Dieting battles health challenges: what are the benefits of dieting?
  6. Science gets better: explain the role of science in prolonging one’s life
  7. Water is refreshing: what other benefits does water have to your health?
  8. Breaks are important for healthy living: how often should one rest?
  9. We need more nutrients we age; what is the role of supplements for healthy living
  10. Drug abuse is dangerous: explain some of the dangers of drug abuse
  11. Loved ones promote mental wellbeing; what other ways can one promote mental health?
  12. Sanitizing prevents the spread of Covid19: describe the best way to disinfect our environment
  13. The eyes are sensitive parts of the body: what are the best eye care strategies?
  14. The fear of chronic diseases: explain applicable measures to prevent chronic diseases.
  15. The ears perform many roles in the body: explain the functions of the ears
  16. Uncooked meals may have more germs: why is it important to properly wash fruits and vegetables
  17. The fear of aging has caused people to age faster: discuss anti-aging strategies adults can employ

Family Expository Prompts

  1. Providing for children: what is the importance of considering money before bearing children
  2. Unwanted pregnancy: why couples should consider family planning
  3. Teens are often rebellious for many reasons: explain how best to handle teenagers
  4. Family get-togethers are a fun way to bond: what are the ways to always keep in touch with family
  5. Doing chores may pose problems in homes: explain the best ways to handle duties at home
  6. Children exposed to the internet: why parents should monitor their kids often
  7. People would rather get married to their best friends; explain why cordial relationship matters in marriage
  8. Many couples don’t believe in marriages: what is the difference between life in a relationship and marriage
  9. The rise in divorce: explain what must be the leading causes for divorce
  10. Children are more affected when their parents separate: discuss the effects of divorce on children
  11. Stepmoms in a new family: why do kids hate their step mums?
  12. Losing relations: expose the best ways to help the family deal with the death of a family member
  13. Many homes change after the birth of a child: explain how couples prepare for childbirth
  14. Scholarships are helpful: explain the procedure to qualify for scholarships

Education Expository Prompts

  1. Students dread detention: what happens during detention?
  2. Bullying remains a recurring problem: explain how bullying affects the life of its victims
  3. Private schools charge higher fees: what are the differences between both?
  4. Mathematics remains disliked in school: explain why students don’t like math
  5. Students learn from their environment: what are the features of informal education?
  6. Life after graduating: explain the value of certificates
  7. Student study culture: what are the most effective study strategies?
  8. Students attitude towards learning: what is the leading cause of students nonchalant attitude towards learning
  9. The college dream: why do colleges have a high reputation?
  10. Age restriction: explain why students often use fake identities


The expository writing prompts in this article will help you start your expository writing. Remember that every expository writing prompt can be tailored for you.

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