150 Expository Essay Topics Recommended by Experts

For whatever kind of essay you choose to write, topics are the first and most important things to decide. They can equally be the most difficult because they have to be interesting enough to capture your audience. Choosing a topic for expository essay writing would leave some people indecisive. Expository essay topics may include the subject matter of academics, health, lifestyle, etc. Expository essay topics can be tricky to decide and often require patience when making choices. Here, you’ll find good expository essay topics that experts recommend.

Examples of Expository Essay Topics

An example of expository essay topics makes it possible for you to construct your unique topics if you like. However, here is a list of expository essay examples topics for different fields that you could choose from.

Expository Examples Topics on Health

  1. The importance of drinking water for healthy skin
  2. Eating vegetables for healthier organs
  3. Food supplements and their importance for the body
  4. Exercising and diet plans for effective weight loss
  5. Red meat: benefits, dangers, and right consumption
  6. Understanding the importance of routine checkups
  7. Covid19 vaccination and the side effects for an unhealthy person
  8. Different things your symptoms say about your health
  9. Anti Aging techniques that boost the mind and body
  10. Foods that can help you boost your immune system and fight infection
  11. The dangers of alcohol to the human liver
  12. The role of science in ensuring the longevity of life
  13. Smoking and its effects on the skin and hair
  14. Sleep therapy for refreshing the body and mind

Examples of Expository Essay Topics on Lifestyle

  1. Why do people go through the trouble of migrating?
  2. Understanding the rationale guiding the nudist mindset
  3. The gradual universal acceptance of legal marriages between gay couples
  4. Why do people pride themselves in owning a collection of things?
  5. The craze to own expensive gadgets and automobiles
  6. The distinction between the wealthy and less wealthy class
  7. The gradual switch towards traveling by air
  8. Celebrity marriages: why they often never last
  9. Raising children: the rising trend of baby mamas and baby daddies
  10. The soothing feeling that comes from gardening
  11. Smoking: why people still smoke despite the dangers involved
  12. Social media: the length people go to gain popularity
  13. Smartphones tend to make lives easier
  14. Art: a reflection in our songs and dress sense today
  15. The culture of posing for the internet and its effect on humanity
  16. Social media as a unifying factor
  17. Cyberbullying: origin and effects today
  18. Understanding the mindset of a vegetarian
  19. Living above societal hate and adult bullying
  20. Addressing the societal yardstick for morality

Expository Essay Topic Examples on Family

  1. Polygamy and its effect on growing children
  2. Leading causes of barrenness in marriages today
  3. The age differences between man and woman in a relationship
  4. Raising kids: the importance of considering costs
  5. Family planning: an effective option for kids management
  6. Legalizing abortions for teenagers
  7. Teenagers: handling rebellious teenage children
  8. Why do people distance themselves from extended family members
  9. Marriage with or without kids: the better option
  10. The role of the family in the lives of growing children
  11. Helping adult children start life on their own
  12. The importance of family vacation for healthy family relationship
  13. Different fun ways to spend the Christmas holiday with family
  14. The culture of spending thanksgiving with family members
  15. Why children put a strain on the romance of newly wedded couples
  16. Some distinctions between love-based marriage and arranged marriage

Expository Topics on Abuse and Mental Health

  1. How runaway kids can be given due attention
  2. The best ways to handle depression
  3. Why rapists deserve more severe punishments
  4. The most effective methods to help victims move on
  5. Suicide: some signs we should never overlook
  6. Why people shy away from counseling
  7. Criticism: why people need to toughen against criticism
  8. The importance of loving oneself
  9. The importance of educating the male and female genders against the act of rape
  10. Why does the girl child need more self-defense lessons
  11. Child molestation: precautions parents should take
  12. Why mental abuse is equally as bad as physical abuse
  13. How to help people cope with the death of a loved one
  14. Dealing with manipulative people
  15. Ways we abuse people without knowing

Topics for an Expository Essay on The Theme “Education”

  1. The right age to begin and stop learning
  2. Why schools need more qualified teachers
  3. Math: the most complicated and hated school subject
  4. Why school examinations and quizzes may never be eradicated
  5. Why detention is not the best option for correcting students
  6. Social segregation in the school environment
  7. The cultural differences between public and private schools
  8. The distinguishing factors in children with learning disabilities
  9. The advantages of attending school abroad
  10. Why do people further education beyond degree programs
  11. Informal education: a great way to learn new things beyond the classroom
  12. How education benefits national and global development
  13. The differences between homeschool and classroom schooled kids
  14. The mental and social benefits of learning a new language
  15. Extreme cases of bullying: why stricter actions should be taken
  16. Utilizing the advantages of technology for academic growth
  17. The effects of adopting practical rather than theoretical means of teaching
  18. The importance of reading
  19. Scholarships: rewarding more deserving participants

Expository Essay Ideas for Racism and Nationalism

  1. The root and origin of African racism
  2. Measures are taken to quell racism
  3. Why racism remains a global problem today
  4. The importance of teaching children about racist
  5. The role of identity crises in promoting racism
  6. Ways of planting the culture of equality in growing children
  7. The extreme love for one’s country: a catalyst for racism
  8. Who is a citizen?
  9. The proper way to go about nationalism, patriotism
  10. The differences between ethnicity, nationalism, and racism
  11. Why terrorism still thrives
  12. Acts considered patriotic
  13. Why government should consider rewarding patriotic citizens

Expository Writing Topics for Fashion Themed Essays

  1. Why are vintage collections so expensive?
  2. The importance of pairing outfits with nice shoes
  3. Male and female clothing: deciding which is more expensive
  4. Expressing fashion through makeup
  5. Unisex attires: why they are gradually becoming the new trend
  6. The importance of dressing according to season
  7. Why you should consider slaying on a little budget
  8. Why celebrity design wears are rare
  9. How to tell the difference between original and imitated accessories
  10. Piercings: why people go through the pain
  11. The importance of having healthy nails and hair
  12. How bad hair can ruin your looks
  13. Deciding the best-colored contact lenses for you
  14. Are gays more fashionable than straight people
  15. Society’s standard definition of a perfect body
  16. Cosmetic surgery and the side effects

Career and Jobs Expository Writing Ideas

  1. Is your degree a determiner for your career path?
  2. How Feminism encourages more career women
  3. Parental influence: its effects on children career
  4. Should working from home be considered a good career?
  5. How being homeschooled influences career decision?
  6. Why the wealthiest people are business owners?
  7. Does owning a family affect career decisions?
  8. What is career development?
  9. The advantages of working a 9-5 job
  10. The advantages of owning your business

Social Media and Internet Expository Essay Topics

  1. Online dating
  2. Meet and greet: a yardstick for kidnaps
  3. Should kids be allowed access to social media
  4. 18+ rated sites should be more restricted
  5. The unifying power of social media
  6. Ills of social media: slander and rumors
  7. The simplicity of everyday life through the internet
  8. Why cyberbullying may never end
  9. How social media can be utilized to organize educative programs
  10. Brand influencing on social media
  11. Making money from the internet
  12. The hub of activities during the global pandemic
  13. Different ways one can utilize time by using through the internet
  14. The average person’s expenditure on social media
  15. Buying and selling on the internet

Expository Writing Topics on History

  1. How the covid19 outbreak is a repetition of history.
  2. The history of your country
  3. American independence: why the idea of freedom thrives
  4. Why there will never be another world war
  5. The historical impacts of Adolf Hitler in Germany
  6. Israeli wars: a continuation of the middle east crisis
  7. The birth of negritude
  8. The history of terrorism
  9. The rich history of England’s royal family
  10. The impacts of the first world war in world history
  11. Impacts of the second world war on the world economy
  12. What the French revolution meant to the world


Deciding topics for an expository essay shouldn’t deter you from writing the best essay. You should approach the right source to decide on topics for an expository essay. The expository essay example topics in this article are a great option to pick from.