Best Expository Essay Topics For College Students

Writing an expository essay in college often means a more advanced form of writing. The expository essay topics college students write about would usually treat more complicated matters, compared to that of lower grades. The initial stage of searching for and deciding on the best topics to write an amazing essay may sometimes prove to be extremely difficult. At the end of the day, some students reach an impasse despite having wasted so much time and resources. The best college expository essay topics have been compiled here for you to speed up your writing.

College Expository Essay Topics on Career

  1. Student loans: the long-term advantages and disadvantages to students
  2. Why a college degree is a yardstick to being successful in life
  3. The best ways to deal with sexual harassment in our places of work
  4. Should interns be paid stipends
  5. The benefits of working and schooling at the same time
  6. The importance of having a skill outside owning a degree
  7. What is the meaning of side hustle?
  8. Should every college student consider furthering their education?
  9. Interview questions that employers often ask
  10. The negative effects of starting up businesses with loans
  11. Are the world’s richest people business owners?
  12. Why a one-on-one interaction with lecturers would groom students better for the future

College Expository Essay Topics on Lifestyle

  1. The effect of tattoos on one’s reputation
  2. The meaning of living a playboy life
  3. Why Beverly Hills remains one of the most expensive environments to live in?
  4. The idea behind the art of crossdressing
  5. The growing rate of cybercrime & best ways to curb the disturbing act
  6. Why people choose to go joyriding?
  7. The trend of possessing fake identity cards to access certain restricted areas
  8. The benefits of constant meditation to the body and mind
  9. Do celebrities have a life outside the spotlight?
  10. Why it is difficult to give up an addiction?
  11. Cosmetic surgery among top celebrities
  12. The dangers of underage gambling
  13. Body mortification as a means of expressing art
  14. How insurance helps lessen the effects of losses?
  15. What are the best ways to effectively manage overpopulation?
  16. The evolution of music from vintage to contemporary times
  17. Why drug smuggling and usage is a world problem?
  18. Understanding the new world order

Health Expository Essay Topics for College Students

  1. The effects of exercising as an antiaging strategy
  2. How homes for the elderly people makes life at old age more comfortable
  3. Why the use of food supplements may never replace consumption of food and drinks
  4. Some of the world’s deadliest disorders that deserve recognition
  5. What is the importance of maintaining good health as an adult?
  6. Mental alertness strategies that may help increase productivity
  7. Childbirth: the difference between different childbirth patterns
  8. The meaning of free radicals and their effect on the health
  9. How has global warming facilitated the rapid extinction of species?
  10. Why health comparability is of extreme importance in marriages
  11. What are the dangers of unprotected sex with an unfaithful partner?

Marriage and Family Expository Essay Topics for College Students

  1. Why couples prefer live-in relationships to official marriage?
  2. Should kids be made to follow their parents’ religion?
  3. The perfect level of physical and mental maturity for marriage and raising kids
  4. Deciding how chores should be distributed between partners
  5. What are the determining factors for starting a family?
  6. Why partners need the consent of their families before going ahead with marriage?
  7. Can college couples raise a kid in school?
  8. Should divorce be given due celebration like marriages are?
  9. The differences between monogamy and polygamy
  10. The rationale behind the culture of males proposing marriage in a relationship


While writing is fun, deciding what topics to write on may not be fun. The list of expository essay topics for college students will help make deciding a topic easier.

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