8th Grade Essay Topics and Ideas

The 8th grade is the peak of middle school and the stage where students transition to a higher level of learning. While 8th graders are not considered children, they are also not seen as exactly mature enough; hence, 8th grade essay topics may be a bit tricky. Essay topics for 8th grade may cut across different fields of life to help students explore their creativity. Be that as it may, there are equally expository writing prompts 8th grade students can employ to help them write smarter. Here, you’ll find 8th grade essay topics students would need to effectively write an essay.

The Best Essay Topics for Grade 8


  1. Should alcohol consumption be made legal for all ages?
  2. Why people would rather travel outside their homes for the holidays
  3. What is the difference between getting a tan and toning?
  4. The advantages and disadvantages of shopping online
  5. How an average kid spends the day after school hours
  6. What is your view on people who smoke and consume alcohol?
  7. At what age should people ideally move out of their parent’s home?
  8. Should 8th graders be considered old enough to start dating?
  9. The different ways that people express their feelings
  10. Volunteering is a fairly satisfying event
  11. Would you rather be a vegetarian or eat meat?
  12. Do people prefer to eat in a restaurant than cook at home?
  13. Different ways that people take part in cyberbullying


  1. Should 8th grade students be automatically promoted to 10th grade?
  2. The commonest myths surrounding going to high school
  3. What factors should influence your choice of high school?
  4. Does attending high school mean getting a job?
  5. What are the differences between private schools and public schools?
  6. Would you rather attend a boarding school or go to school from home daily?
  7. All high school students should own a car to help make going to school easier
  8. Does friendship last all through middle school
  9. What are the differences between being homeschooled and being classroom schooled?
  10. Why 8th grade is considered to be the most difficult in middle school?
  11. The importance of getting full scholarship funding for school
  12. 8th grade students are responsible for bullying younger grade students
  13. Should active sports members be given automatic scholarships


  1. The importance of exercising regularly
  2. What does intermittent fasting mean?
  3. The dangers of air pollution to the human body
  4. What are the health benefits of eating vegetables?
  5. What does the saying “an apple a day keeps the doctor away” mean?
  6. In what ways can we avoid discriminating against people living with disabilities?
  7. Practical ways to prevent chronic illnesses in the future
  8. What are the dangers of being overweight?
  9. Why mental stability matters to our wellbeing?
  10. In what ways can we help prevent the spread of Covid19
  11. Why everyone should learn the basic emergency medicine needed


  1. Should the voting age be reduced to accommodate middle school and high school students?
  2. What is the difference between a democratic and nondemocratic state?
  3. What are the fundamental human rights?
  4. Why is racism bad?
  5. What are the characteristics of bad government?
  6. Everyone needs to know the independent history of their country
  7. What are your obligations as a citizen of a state?
  8. Can middle school students carry out acts of patriotism?

Abuse and Crime

  1. How can we help prepare as lo during high school students for possible bullying in school?
  2. What are the best steps to take when sexually abused by a family member?
  3. Should all bad guys be made to pay bigger fines or face stricter punishments?
  4. How do we help rape victims get past their terrible experiences?
  5. What is PTSD and what are its symptoms?
  6. Some of the ways that we unknowingly perpetrate abuse
  7. What are the signs to look out for in an abusive relationship?

Expository Writing Prompts 8th Grade Students Need

  1. Technology and its effect on academics; should all schoolwork be carried out on the internet?
  2. The changing times of the global pandemic; what are the differences in human activities before and after the outbreak of Covid19?
  3. Superhero movies: what are the differences between villains and heroes?
  4. Unwanted pregnancies are often difficult to deal with; what are the dangers of unprotected sex?
  5. Blending into junior high school may prove to be a lot of work; what ways can you help yourself prepare better for high school?
  6. Global warming is a threat to the world; how can we reduce the risks of global warming?
  7. Friendships sometimes last for a lifetime; are you looking forward to making new friends in high school?
  8. Owning pets comes with a huge responsibility; why there should be an age limit for parenting a pet?
  9. The internet is home to many activities; what are some of the dangers of early exposure to the internet?


8th grade essay topics cannot possibly be exhausted. The topics here will help you start writing immediately or draft out a unique topic that you’d like to write on. Pick the best essay topics for grade 8 and get creative.

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