30+ Expository Writing Prompts for Middle School

There are many expository essay topics middle school students can handle irrespective of their age. With the right expository writing prompts for middle school, any grade can write an expository essay. The expository essay middle school students write may go beyond the classroom environment and cover their everyday lifestyle. To decide the perfect expository writing prompts middle school students will need to successfully write an essay, you must first consider an area of interest.

Some Expository Writing Prompts Middle School Students Need


  1. Scholarships have helped many students get basic education; what is the importance of scholarship programs for students?
  2. The outbreak of the global pandemic put a halt to many activities, and introduced new systems; in what ways did Covid19 affect your school life?
  3. Middle school often has a handful of bullies who successfully get away with tormenting students; what do you think should be the proper punishment for bullying
  4. School buses help make transportation to school easier and safer; describe what happens on the bus to and from school
  5. Mathematics is a subject considered to be extremely difficult; why do you think math is difficult?
  6. Students are often encouraged to earn some money while schooling; can middle school students work and learn?
  7. Extracurricular activities often attract the interest of students; do kids prefer extracurricular activities to schoolwork
  8. Teacher-student relationships go a long way to determine how well the students perform in class; Should students be scared of their teachers?
  9. Homework tends to become burdensome when we have deadlines to meet; What ways can we effectively finish our homework on time?
  10. Many students work hard to get the best grades in their schoolwork; explain why students fear bad grades
  11. Discipline in schools; explain the discipline pattern in your school
  12. The prestige that comes with attending high school; what are the high school stories passed down to middle school students?

Family and Lifestyle

  1. The holiday season often comes with festivity; what does the festive period mean for you and your family?
  2. Recycling is important because it helps us minimize waste; what are the other benefits of recycling used items?
  3. In the next ten years, you would be a changed person in many ways; how do you imagine yourself to be ten years from now?
  4. Driving at a tender age; should middle school students be allowed to learn how to, and drive a car?
  5. Extroverted kids often have the opposite characteristics of introverted kids; what is the difference between extroverts and introverts?
  6. Many people believe that middle school students do not need huge amounts of cash due to reckless spending; what are the ways that middle school students spend their money?
  7. When we do something wrong, we get punished for it; is grounding more effective than a reduction of monthly allowances when it comes to punishing middle school students?
  8. Dating for middle school students; do middle school students have a crush on the opposite gender?
  9. It’s the age of technology and it is evident in nearly every sphere of human life; should middle school students be allowed to use the internet unsupervised?
  10. When it comes to families where both parents are often busy, do kids prefer to spend more time at their friend’s place or with nannies?

Health and Wellbeing

  1. A clean habit makes one healthy; how often should students wash their uniforms?
  2. With the right precautions, we can avoid frequent visits to the hospital; what are the ways to maintain personal hygiene at home
  3. Exercising regularly to keep fit; what are the best exercises for children?
  4. Following the doctor’s prescriptions; what are the dangers of not following the doctor’s prescriptions?
  5. Understanding the rationale behind age restriction on alcohol consumption; why children should not consume alcohol
  6. Covid19 is a deadly virus but with quick detection, we can reduce the death risks; identify some of the symptoms of Covid19.
  7. When we get sick, we should take medicine or injections to help us feel better; why do children get scared of needles?
  8. Pollution is dangerous to humans and other living beings; in what ways can we reduce the different kinds of pollution?
  9. The importance of sex education for children is numerous for numerous reasons; what are some of the importance of sex education?


Expository writing for middle school students often brings out the creativity of students who get a chance to write. The most important thing is often getting the best expository essay topics for middle school to guide your writing. The expository writing prompts for middle school in this article will help you start right.

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