80+ Expository Essay Topics From Students

Students are widely known to take a greater part in writing expository essays for many reasons. The primary reasons are often research purposes or homework.

Expository Essay Topics for High School

When it comes to high school students, the expository topics become more adventurous. Some expository essay examples high school students would find interesting are listed here.

Relationships Expository Essay Prompts High School Students Like

  1. College guys: why do high school girls like dating older boys?
  2. Teacher-student relationship: why a cordial relationship is important
  3. Cliques: the reason behind the various cliques in high school
  4. Divorce: how divorce affects the kids at home
  5. Class stratification: the class distinction between the wealthy and the poor
  6. Class distinction: the relationship between seniors and juniors
  7. What happens at high school parties?
  8. Dealing with family drama: the need for privacy in homes
  9. Family: why teenage years are more critical
  10. Bullying: why friend circles are more involved in bullying
  11. School social activities: the importance of prom

Academics Expository Writing Prompts High School Students May Explore

  1. Why math remains a difficult shell for many students
  2. Are degrees more important than skills?
  3. The importance of recreational activities in schools
  4. Why do students hate summer schools?
  5. Uncovering what happens in detentions
  6. why private schools are more expensive than public schools
  7. What pop quizzes do to student learning
  8. Is examination the true test of knowledge?
  9. Understanding the high school grading system
  10. The differences between part-time and full-time schooling
  11. Adult education and its features
  12. What happens in night school?
  13. How to organize a study routine
  14. Would students rather have someone do their homework?
  15. Why do students prefer to go to school far from home?
  16. Why do schools accept sports in place of academic qualifications?
  17. The differences between boarding and day schools
  18. Why do school campuses have restrictions in their dorms?
  19. Do students want more holidays?
  20. Is politics a distraction from schoolwork?

Expository Writing prompts High School Students Would Like on General Knowledge

  1. The evolution journey of computers
  2. The rise and spread of the Covid19
  3. What are the causes of global warming?
  4. Why was the second world war was deadlier than the first
  5. What is the world order today?
  6. How animals survive in the desert
  7. The differences between flying first class and flying economy class
  8. The importance of gravity to human existence
  9. Why do teenagers need to own driver’s licenses?
  10. Why there is a controversy about God’s existence
  11. The origin of racism in the world
  12. How high school influences students career path

Expository Essay Examples High School Students Can Write on Social Media

  1. Understanding the role of the internet in spreading rumors
  2. The rising culture of social media bullying
  3. The role of social media during the lockdown
  4. The role of social media in the “Black Lives Matter” campaign
  5. Why do junior high school students need supervision on the internet
  6. Ways that the internet has made schoolwork easier
  7. Should schools permit the use of cellphones in class
  8. Why are there restrictions on school computers?
  9. Different ways that computer wizards can improve school pattern
  10. Should schools improve on their security and technology?

Expository Essay Topics for High School on Health

  1. The right age to begin personal hygiene
  2. How often should one take a shower?
  3. Why do vegetables seem boring?
  4. The cost of eating balanced meals
  5. Do school cafes serve balanced meals?
  6. The importance of food supplements to the body
  7. Why girls must maintain menstrual hygiene
  8. How to make exercising fun
  9. The best way to use a nose mask
  10. What are the advantages of drinking water?
  11. How to maintain glowing skin
  12. Simple anti-aging techniques
  13. Why do children hate hospitals?
  14. What are some of the dangers of excessive alcohol consumption?
  15. How to deal with body odors

Expository Essay Examples High School Students Can Write on Topics Relating to Lifestyle

  1. Why do high school students like music?
  2. The culture of giving high school students curfews
  3. Do beauty queens get more favors in school?
  4. Why there is a rise in teenage pregnancy
  5. Should high school kids be arrested for smoking
  6. Should students be arrested for bullying other students?
  7. What happens at high school parties
  8. Why do girls love to have first sex on their sixteenth birthday?
  9. Why gay children fear coming out
  10. Should students be forced to wear uniforms?
  11. Should kids who wear braces be ashamed?
  12. Are kids who wear glasses the smartest?
  13. The mental benefits of volunteering


Students write expository essays from time to time. High school students would sometimes need to be steered in the right direction. Some interesting expository essay prompts high school students would find interesting have been addressed here. Be that as it may, the expository essay topics for high school listed here will help you write the best essays.

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