70+ Explanatory Essay Topics That Will Expand Your Horizons

Essays in general give you the chance to express yourself. An explanatory essay is one of those ways you can relate facts in a new light. Writing on explanatory essay topics that will expand your horizon means going beyond the norms. It means exploring areas you never explored and breaking from the same boring routine. There are many interesting topics for an explanatory essay that will expand your horizon.

Characteristics of Good Interesting Topics for Explanatory Essays

  • It is Informative

Good topics for explanatory essays are often informative because they tell the reason why things happen. Often, the essay writing will lay down facts regarding specific subject matters. For this reason, it is also known as expository writing and there is often a need to do research.

  • It is Concise

Your topics for an explanatory essay should not be too broad that you have to cover too many areas at the same time. Remember it is an essay and not a long-term project. It is advisable to deal with one subject matter at a time. Some topics would require that you contrast between two characters. However, it should be concise and specific without being biased.

  • It is Unbiased and Not Argumentative

An explanatory essay topic is not argumentative or in support of a motion. If you’re writing an explanatory essay on a controversial topic, your duty will be to describe both sides in an unbiased manner. Even while contrasting between two characters or subject matters, it is important that you present both sides impartially.

70+ Explanatory Essay Topics


  1. How effective is the use of immune therapy for curing chronic illnesses?
  2. Are food supplements more effective than food
  3. Is it safe for people to drink their urine?
  4. What are the effects of excessive thinking on the health?
  5. Covid19 vaccination may affect the health negatively
  6. What are the effects of intermittent fasting on the health?
  7. How does genetic makeup affect the health of individuals?
  8. Explain the evolution of cosmetic surgery over time
  9. What really happens in life support?
  10. What is euthanasia?
  11. What are the best ways to help the body get rid of free toxins?
  12. What are the ways we poison ourselves unknowingly?
  13. The effects of heating food
  14. The effects of eating raw vegetables
  15. Rare health conditions that are beyond human control

Science and Technology

  1. How astronauts survive in space
  2. The discoveries of Mars
  3. How weather forecasts get their facts
  4. The theory behind snowfalls
  5. The makeup of Covid19 vaccination
  6. The differences between antidotes and vaccines
  7. Explain how hypotheses become theories
  8. How has the technology of traveling evolved?
  9. Charles Darwin’s theory of man’s evolution
  10. What are the positive and negative impacts of technology on the younger generation?
  11. The effectiveness of science in tackling the Covid19 virus
  12. Some of the world’s remarkable experiments worthy of acknowledging


  1. What is the difference between smoothies and solid fruits?
  2. How to eat healthy without gaining weight
  3. What are the dangers of excessive cholesterol to the health?
  4. Why you should be creative with your dishes
  5. The best way to retain nutrients while cooking
  6. Food preservation strategies that don’t make food less healthy
  7. Why doctors advise against eating raw meat & its effect on the health
  8. How recipes in cookbooks are formulated by letting the mind wander
  9. How to plan the perfect Thanksgiving meal for a family
  10. Why chefs are particular about dressing dishes


  1. What is the primary role of music in the lives of people?
  2. How can first-time plane travelers deal with anxiety?
  3. Poverty affects the mindset in several ways
  4. The social differences between the wealthy and the poor
  5. How travel bloggers keep up with their lives
  6. Why alcohol is publicized despite its dangers
  7. How people deal with the problems that come with aging
  8. The meaning of surrogacy in modern-day
  9. How prostitution has become a legal means of income.
  10. Behind the scene of the regular celebrity lifestyle
  11. How the homeless survive without shelter
  12. Why adopting a child involves many procedures?
  13. Why do people hire nannies and housekeepers?
  14. The extravagance of Beverly Hills: its reputation and history
  15. Why Apple products are more expensive
  16. Uncovering the cost differences between food blogging and traveling blogging

Nature and Wildlife

  1. Global warming: What the future holds for species in the wild
  2. How wildlife journalists survive in the wild
  3. What life is like, living on an island
  4. How admiring nature helps soothe the soul
  5. Understanding the growth cycle of the eagle
  6. How animals in the wild handle childbirth
  7. What happens when a volcano erupts?
  8. The primary causes of earthquakes
  9. An analysis of the human anatomy
  10. The differences between cheetahs, leopards, and tigers
  11. Differentiating between the growth cycle of plants and animals

Abuse and Crime

  1. The rationale behind the actions of abusers and bullies
  2. How victims of rape live with stigmatization
  3. How government can help victims of child molestation
  4. Behind the scenes of criminals sentenced to life imprisonment
  5. What does the concept of whistleblowing entail?
  6. The story behind 9/11 in the United States of America
  7. Why do witnesses need to be given special protection
  8. Who are the mafia, and how do they operate?
  9. Why do factors like age, motive, and sanity matters when punishing criminals
  10. The ways that lo people have stood up against police brutality over the years
  11. Should parents who abandon their kids be arrested, and punished?


The interesting fact about topics for explanatory essays is that they would often spur you to broaden your knowledge. To expand your horizon, explore the topics for the explanatory essay listed in this article.

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